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Common Types of Pests In Construction Sites

Rodents, birds, and other pests can cause a variety of problems on construction sites. They can damage equipment and materials, spread diseases to workers, and interfere with the construction process. In some cases, they can even cause safety hazards.

Pests are attracted to construction sites for a number of reasons. The food and water that are present on these sites can attract pests, as can the shelter that is provided by the materials and equipment. In addition, construction sites are often located in areas that are already infested with pests.

Pest Control for Condominiums - mosquitos



Pest Control for Condominiums - cockroaches


Pest Control for Condominiums - flies



Our Process - Construction Pest Management

Our pest consultants have the experience and training to deal with all types of pests, including those that are common on construction sites. We will work quickly and efficiently to get rid of the pests, and we will also take measures to prevent them from returning in the future.

Construction Pest Management - stage1

Identifying The Issue

Targeted Solutions For Each Pest

Condo Pest Management stage 3

Integrative Pest Management Solution

Construction Pest Management - stage4

Constant Inspection & Maintenance

Enjoy 4 Months+ Warranty For Ultimate Peace of Mind

T&C Apply

  • Includes full treatment method application (when needed)
  • Re-Inspection and review
  • Covers technician’s trips down to your premise

Our Solution

We will provide you with a comprehensive pest management program that will address the specific needs of your construction site. Our program will include regular inspections, baiting and trapping, and exclusion efforts. We also offer a wide range of services to help you keep your construction site clean and free of pests.

This also includes disinfection services, drain bacteria cleaning, sealing of entry points, and applying the various targeted solutions to the different types of pests.

Here's What You Will Get From Our Inspection

Accurate diagnosis done
Get an in-depth home inspection – where we will find out the root issue of your pest situation

Quotation and breakdown given
Get a fair quotation and the most suitable pest treatment recommended for your home situation

90 days (or more) warranty (T&C apply)
Never worry about pest recurrence during our warranty period, and enjoy proper follow ups done by our team


Hear From Our Recent Works

"Professional", "Reliable & Trustworthy" "Value For Money", "They Go The Extra Mile"

Ms Rine
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The team is very systematic in their approach. No hard sell and no overpromising. They really deliver and I would like to commend Kamil and the team.
Ms Mey
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Technician Alex is super helpful and he went beyond his duty to assist all sorts of potential pest within our home. He also reached out to us even after the warranty period just to check on us!
Rosen Tay
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Used to have pest problems all the time, but after engaging their team, I see very rare, if not no pest occurance in my home.

We Handle a Wide Range of Pest Control Projects

Commercial Projects

Offices, industrial buildings, governmental projects, and more.

Facility Management Projects

Restaurants, retail, schools, healthcare, hospitality, etc.

Home Projects

Residential projects: HDBs, Condos, Private properties, etc.

FAQs Got a question? We’re here to help.

From where they breed to how they get inside, our Fly Control Program at Ninja Pest deals with infestations at all levels. We will inspect your property and provide a custom program based on what we find.

Pest birds tend to cause damages each year to building facades, roofs, and ventilation systems. Ninja Pest’s Bird Control Program is a beneficial, environmentally friendly approach to safeguarding the public health, minimizing structural damage, and reducing legal liability.

We will implement an integrated mosquito management programs. These programs include responsible efforts to manage mosquitoes and help prevent the transmission of serious diseases – from surveillance monitoring, to larval control, to fogging, to inspection and audit.

– Bait stations will be placed at critical locations such as inside cabinets, under sinks and appliances, and in other dark, secluded areas where cockroaches are likely to congregate.

– Gels and baits will be replaced on a regular basis to ensure that they remain effective.

– Insecticide will be sprayed in areas where cockroaches are seen or found.

– Cockroach traps will be placed at strategic locations to monitor and reduce the population.

Effective Treatments

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