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One of the best ways to identify a pest infestation is by looking for droppings. Bed bugs are no exception, and finding feces on a mattress is a good indication that they’ve invaded the home.


Bed Bugs Droppings Appearance

Bed bug droppings are small and dark brown to black in color, often appearing as small dots on a mattress or sheets.

This is because bedbugs will often feed on blood right before they defecate.

The digested blood gives the droppings their characteristic color.

bed bugs dropping in singapore - wooden frame


Size of Droppings

The size of the droppings can vary depending on how many meals the bed bug has recently had, but they are typically around 1/16 of an inch in diameter.

In simpler terms, they are about 1mm. You can take a ballpoint pen and make a dot, and it can can possibly be the same size.

Finding bed bug droppings on a mattress is often one of the first signs of an infestation.

bedbugs dropping size


Fecal Spotting Are Usually Found In These Places:

  • The seams of a mattress
  • Mattress spring frames
  • On or behind the bed headboard
  • Near the edge of the carpet

In heavily infested rooms, they can even show up on the walls and anywhere else that they like to hide.

bedbugs droppings on mattress - ninjapest


Will Bed Bugs Droppings Smear?

Bedbugs fecal or droppings will smear on a hard surface.

However, if it is on a fabric, it likely will not smudge because the dropping usually gets soaked into the fabric.


Do Bed Bugs Droppings Have a Smell?

The feces of bed bugs are made up mostly of digested blood, which oxidizes and gives off a sour, rusty odor.

In an highly infected room, the strong stench is generally overwhelmed by the scent of dead bed bugs, rather than their feces.


Smear Test For Bed Bugs Droppings

We can test bed bug droppings on a hard surface, such as the bed frame, with a Bed Bug Blue testing kit (you can find many options online).

This is another scientific test for detecting or ruling out bed bug feces. If you find bed bug feces, a developing strip will turn blue, indicating the presence of bed bug feces.

  • Take a Q tip, and wet it (make it a little damp)
  • Use the Q tip to wipe the fecal matter
  • If the Q tip turns a brownish rust color, it is likely it is a bed bug dropping
  • Proceed to investigate further

Bed Bugs are Attracted to Their Own Feces

Bed bug hideouts are generally found near the location of the bed bug feces. Bed bugs like to come to their own feces.

The University of Minnesota carried out a research in 2016 that discovered that bed bugs are attracted to 5 chemicals (dimethyl disulfide, dimethyl trisulfide, (E)-2-hexenal, within their fecal matter.


Consult Your Pest Control Specialist

All in all, bed bugs droppings are one of the signs of bed bugs infestation, thus it is important that you consult a pest control specialist in Singapore to help you to detect hidden nesting and to eradicate bed bugs in your premise.


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