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Issues With Rodents & Rats

There are many issues that can be caused by rodents and rats, some of which may not be immediately apparent. Some of the more common problems associated with these pests include:

– Contaminating food sources with their droppings, which can lead to food poisoning
– Chewing through electrical wiring, which can cause fires
– Causing structural damage to buildings by gnawing on wood and other materials
– Spreading disease through their fur and droppings

If you suspect that you have a rodent or rat problem, it is important to contact a pest control professional as soon as possible. In some cases, rats can be difficult to control and may require multiple treatments.

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Our Process - Rodent Control

Customised treatment plan that brings out rodents in hiding, followed by capturing them and removing them

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Pest Site Inspection To Address Breeding Areas

Rodent Traps Employment

Rodent Removal

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Premise Monitoring & Review

Enjoy 4 Months+ Warranty For Ultimate Peace of Mind

T&C Apply

  • Includes full treatment method application (when needed)
  • Re-Inspection and review
  • Covers technician’s trips down to your premise

Our Rodent Control Solution

Baiting Programme

There are a number of different baiting programme that can be used to control rats. The type of bait used will depend on the severity of the infestation and the preference of the pest control professional.

Rodent Removal

In some cases, it may be necessary to remove the rodents from your home. This can be done through a number of different methods, including trapping and live-trapping.

Rodent Proofing

This can be done by identifying and sealing up any holes or cracks that they may use to enter your home.

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Here's What You Will Get From Our Inspection

Accurate diagnosis done
Get an in-depth home inspection – where we will find out the root issue of your pest situation

Quotation and breakdown given
Get a fair quotation and the most suitable pest treatment recommended for your home situation

90 days (or more) warranty (T&C apply)
Never worry about pest recurrence during our warranty period, and enjoy proper follow ups done by our team


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FAQs Got a question? We’re here to help.

Droppings: Rats tend to leave droppings wherever they travel. If you see small, dark droppings in your home, it’s a good indicator that rats are present.

Gnaw marks: Rats like to gnaw on things, and they often leave behind telltale marks. If you see gnaw marks on wood or other materials, it’s a good sign that rats are present.

Footprints: You may be able to see rat footprints in dusty areas.

Rats noises: You may hear rats scurrying around your home, especially at night.

– Nesting seen: Shredded paper, cloth, cardboard, or dried plant matter are among the preferred nesting materials.

Rats have a highly developed sense of smell, and therefore they can be repelled by certain strong scents that they dislike. Such scents include clover, garlic, onion, hot peppers containing capsaicin, house ammonia, used coffee grounds, peppermint oil eucalyptus oil , predator (cat) scent citronella oil , and white vinegar.

Baking soda, when used together with sugar, can kill rats. The sugar attracts the rats to the mixture while the baking soda works to dehydrate and kill them.

Because humans are significantly larger than rats, they generally tend to avoid us. However, other predators such as birds of prey also pose a threat to rats. Rats are also afraid of a variety of things, including cats, rat terriers, and other dogs that pursue rodents.

Rats are wary of new things, making it hard to manage them with baits.

Rats have a very heightened sense of smell, which means they cannot tolerate smells such as ammonia, mothballs, peppermint oil, crushed cayenne pepper, and pepper spray.

Rats are afraid of clean, clutter-free houses and yards because there is nothing for them to eat or hide in.

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