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What kills termites naturally?

Imagine you are enjoying your home and you suddenly spot a noticeable trail of termites making their way out of your custom wood wardrobe. Oh no. It’s time to take action before your beautiful pine wardrobe is destroyed.

Fortunately, there are many ways to kill termites naturally without the need for harsh chemicals. However, note that these natural remedies will only be effective for small termite infestations. For large infestations, natural methods may not be effective due to the need for more professional equipment and technical knowledge from pest control specialists.

Additionally, after any given treatment is applied, termites can easily relocate to another part of your home where they become difficult to detect – thereby continuing their silent destruction of your residence.

Nevertheless, here are some of the most effective natural remedies you can use:


Direct Sunlight

Termites thrive in dark, humid conditions and cannot survive exposure to sunlight or heat. To address termite infestations on movable furniture, bring the piece outdoors and let it sit in direct sun for a few hours.

As soon as the item warms up, these pesky critters will be forced out of their hiding spot. Just make sure you keep it at a safe distance from your home! If the infestation is deep within an immovable material like wood beams, instead try using a UV light for extermination purposes.



Looking to eliminate your termite issue? Boric acid is an ideal solution.

A natural pesticide, it is often available in powder form, which can be sprinkled on the area or mixed with water and sprayed directly into the infested zone. For safety reasons, we recommend you wear protective gear such as goggles, masks and gloves before handling this substance.

Once ingested by termites, boric acid will block their ability to absorb nutrients from food sources – gradually reducing any further problems caused by these pests!


Cardboard Bait

Take advantage of termites’ fondness for cellulose with cardboard bait. Put damp cardboard in areas where you think there could be a potential infestation and wait for them to nest. Once they do, simply take it out and burn it— repeat this step several times until the pesky insects are gone from your home.



Unnoticeable to the human eye, nematodes are microscopic worms that inject bacteria into their host’s body and then feed on it. This is one of the safest methods for controlling termites since these tiny creatures do not pose any threat to humans or pets nor does it damage wood! Different types of nematodes target different pests, so be sure to get the right type in order to effectively combat termites.

Nematodes can be purchased in packets. Simply mix them in with some water and spray the mixture over the infected area. The worm mixture will be absorbed into the wooden surface and termites will be able to feast on them in no time.



To get rid of termites, juice two lemons and mix in half a cup of vinegar. Transfer this mixture into a spray bottle and apply it to all infested areas as well as mud tubes. If sprayed correctly, this combination will penetrate deep enough to effectively eliminate any present termites. Remember that consistency is key to success; repeating the process over several days is essential in assessing results accurately!


Neem Oil

If you’re looking for a safe, simple solution for your termite problem, look no further than neem oil. This powerful yet gentle extract from the mighty neem tree has been used in pest control for centuries and works by disrupting the reproductive cycle of these pesky insects.

To utilize it yourself: purchase some crude neem oil and mix it with mild liquid soap and water until combined. Bottle up this magical potion before spraying directly onto any infested areas – watch your termite population will rapidly decline within weeks.

There are also other alternatives to get rid of termites such as diatomaceous earth and orange oil. Test out these methods and observe the results; if you’re still seeing damage to wooden objects, this may be indicative of a larger infestation in which case you should contact a trained professional right away for an inspection. Termite exterminators have plenty of experience with determining what treatment is best suited for any given situation.