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What Happens if You Leave Termites Untreated?

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If you have termites in your home, the worst thing you can do is ignore them. That is because leaving termites untreated leads to serious and costly damage.

If termites are not dealt with, they can cause significant damage to an entire building by feeding on wood and other natural materials commonly found in households such as furniture, books, flooring, and insulation.


Why Should You Get Rid of Termites Quickly?

Termites reproduce quickly, so the longer you wait to get rid of them the worse your infestation will become. The average termite colony can contain up to several thousand members, and a queen may lay hundreds of eggs each day.

If a termite colony has access to sufficient food and enough space, its population can rapidly increase. Hence, it is important to address termite infestations promptly, otherwise, the situation can quickly become unmanageable.


Signs of Infestation

Termites often build mud tubes on walls or foundations of homes, which serve as a clear indication of an infestation. These tubes enable termites to move from their underground colonies into your house undetected.

You can also identify termite infestation by looking for discarded wings near doors and windows, noticing sagging floors, observing cracks in drywall or wooden surfaces, and tapping on walls to check if they sound hollow.


Damage to Property

Leaving termites untreated results in extensive damage to the structure of your home. The pests feed on wood, cellulose and other materials found in homes – such as insulation and even cloth items like clothing or curtains.

Termites can cause expensive structural damage that is difficult to repair. They can also harm furniture and personal belongings while contaminating food sources in your home.


Dangers to Your Health

Having termites untreated not only causes damage to your property but can also pose health risks. Termites emit a strong odour that can trigger respiratory issues, including asthma. Additionally, termites can also spread diseases like salmonella to humans.


The Solution

It is highly recommended to contact an exterminator immediately if you are dealing with a termite infestation.

They have the expertise to assess the severity of the damage and suggest appropriate measures to eliminate the termites and fix the damages they have caused. Timely action is crucial to avoid further harm and safeguard your well-being.



If you think your home may be infested with termites, it is important to take action as soon as possible. Leaving termites untreated can lead to extensive damage that not only affects the structure of your property but can also cause health risks and contaminate food sources in your home.

Make sure to contact termites control services immediately if you are dealing with a termite infestation.